3 Weeks Later

Because of Oliver’s eczema and behaviors, his pediatrician recommended that we cut out all dairy. We spent 20 days on soy milk products and the eczema didn’t fully dissipate and his behavior actually worsened. His hand flapping went from happening only 3 times before in his life, to 50+ times a day. He went from over a year of constipation to experiencing very loose bowel movements (sometimes diarrhea) 4-6 times a day. After checking in with Oliver’s pediatrician, she recommended switching to almond milk and saving up some money for an allergy test.

So Oliver has now, to date, had allergic reactions to:
Dairy products
Soy products
Hemp milk
Goat milk
Edamame beans

Our next steps include: switching from soy milk products to almond milk products and saving up for a comprehensive allergy test that will rule out all of his allergies.


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