Taking Oliver Off of Dairy and Gluten

Oliver hasn’t had any dairy products since June 24th (almost a full month).
I switched him to soy milk products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.), but he had abnormally smelly diarrhea, a facial rash, and increased hand flapping, toe walking, and spinning in circles. He got a full body rash after three weeks on soy and then got extremely angry for no apparent reason. He proceeded by hitting our dog, hitting/slapping/head butting me, and then pushing over my table. I spoke with his pediatrician and she thinks that he might be allergic to soy, in addition to dairy and everything else he has had reactions to. After switching Oliver from soy products to almond milk products, he has transformed. His hand flapping, toe walking, and spinning in circles has decreased drastically. He has added 3+ new words to his vocabulary and has started, both dancing AND clapping again (both of which were part of a major regression he experienced). The diarrhea has stopped and he is back to his normal constipated self (*sad face*). I’m now slowly cutting out gluten products by replacing the gluten he consumes (bread, crackers, cereal, etc.) with gluten free alternatives, one at a time. Our goal is to be fully GFCF (gluten free, casein free) by the end of September. I hope that we can meet this goal much sooner, but I’m keeping it realistic.

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