Essential Oils

I just got a bunch of essential oils in the mail from doTERRA and can’t wait to start using them on Oliver.

Here’s what I ordered:
OnGuard (for immune support), Lavender (for relaxation and sleep), Geranium (for emotional support and physical healing), Peppermint (for internal inflammation and energy stimulation), Frankincense (for EVERYTHING healing related), Balance (for tantrums) and InTune (for focus).

Right now, I’m diffusing OnGuard in my Petal diffuser and have balance on his feet.


7 thoughts on “Essential Oils

      • Awesome– thanks so much. 🙂 I have Elevation AND Serenity on my “to order next” list, so that confirms those for me. I have Breathe and have used it on him once, because he’s only had one cold thus far. I plan to use it on future colds, though! Have you tried Vetiver out? I’ve heard controversial viewpoints on this oil.


      • I’ve heard many positive reviews, but several friends of mine say that they’ve heard that it makes things worse and one of my friends had a terrible experience with it on her daughter. I guess it’s a trial and error, as every oil could help or not help each individual child.


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