First Early Intervention Therapy Appointment

Today was Oliver’s first appointment with the Special Educator from his Early Intervention center. It was a 50 minute session and we went over what to expect from each visit and scheduling, then she observed how Oliver and I play/interact and then gave suggestions for how to build on the foundation that I have already set.

What I learned today:
– When playing with Oliver at his toy table, I will sit across from him rather than next to him, because he will have a better chance at working on eye contact if I am across from him.
– When sharing a toy with him, I will make it over the top exciting by being more animated and enthusiastic that usual. I will capture his interest and engage his eye contact and attention by being a more silly and fun person.
– When Oliver gets frustrated while playing, I will acknowledge his feelings rather than immediately comforting him by telling him that it’s okay. By saying “I see that you’re frustrated. I understand that this upsets you. Why don’t we try this instead?” he is learning to regulate his emotions, think outside the box, and listen to others’ ideas. I’m so excited to keep learning from his team at the Early Intervention center and will continue to write up what I learned after each weekly appointment.

playing with others by doing so.


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