A Little Bit About Me

I thought that I would share a little bit about myself, since I haven’t given any background in that area thus far. My name is Savannah and I am a 19 year old single mother to my beautiful, life changing baby boy Oliver. When I graduated high school, I was three months pregnant and, little did I know, my life was going to be majorly different that I had originally planned it out to be. When I uncovered this news, I began working 6 days a week while taking a full load of classes at a community college. After having Oliver, I cut down my work to two half days a week, and have since started 3 additional part time, after hour house and office cleaning jobs. When I’m not working any of my four jobs or playing with my little one, I still go to school full time (via eLearning at the community college) and am currently 8 days away from having my Associates of Arts and Sciences with a concentration of Psychology. I was going back and forth between several Bachelor’s programs/majors, but am now 99% sure that I want to embark on a path towards becoming a Special Educator with an Autism focus. As I learn more, and read more, and am connected to people in similar situations, I realize that this may have been exactly how my life was supposed to pan out because my son, the love of my life, was brought into my life to spark a passion to help, learn, and teach him and others like him. I am also a certified Yoga Teacher and am, next month, going through a month long Special Needs Yoga Teacher training and am still brainstorming where I will go with that (I’m thinking that great things are going to be coming soon after my completion of that program). I started this blog to show others how early intervention therapies, diet/lifestyle changes, supplementation of vitamins and minerals, and alternative/integrative treatments can help. We are at the very beginning of our (his) journey, but I hold an abundance of hope that we will, with time, heal Oliver. 


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. I love this!!!! I’m 22, single mama, my son is 4, and I work as an intensive special education aide! I will for sure be following up on your journey, and I wish you nothing but the best!!!!!


    • Thank you so very much. How wonderful it is so see another young mama following a very similar path. I’ll be following yours, as well. Email me anytime! My email is in the contact section.


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