Hearing Test

I hope the audiologist needed a hearing test because Oliver screamed to sound decibals that no one thought was possible. If that doesn’t say how that went, then I don’t know what will. He was screaming at the top of his lungs because we were in a new place with new people and he had to sit in my lap. He loathes new places, new people, and being restrained, so that was bound to be upsetting. After lots of fighting us, she gave him blocks and after a few minutes of lining them up in a perfect line, he finally gave in and allowed the doctor to uncover that his hearing is normal for his age and that his hearing isn’t related to his speech delays and behaviors. So, our next step is the four appointment diagnostic autism evaluation, which is two weeks from tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Hearing Test

    • Completely. I’m glad that we ruled that out, but it breaks my heart to confirm that were almost certainly dealing with autism, even though I am already aware of that. His diagnostic evaluation series starts this Thursday, and the following 3 Thursdays.


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