Idea of the day!

My ultimate goal is to completely cut technology out of Oliver’s life. However, he is obsessed with Care Bears. I loathe the idea of him disappearing into a T.V. world, but I’ll admit that when he screams and cries and nothing helps him, those darn Care Bears send the tears away. Though I am usually able to play with him, as a full time online college student I sometimes face deadlines that require me to spend an hour or two with undivided attention on my studies. A few Care Bear episodes have given me the leverage to do what I need to do. I feel sick at the thought of using T.V. as a babysitter in these times of need, but have come to find that a lot of parents face the same issue. With this said, I came up with a thought: replace Care Bears with Planet Earth/Discovery Channel/Animal Planet documentaries while coming up with a plan on how to wean him off of the television. This way he is immersed into a real world setting with animals and nature, rather than a sensory overload of loud music and an unnaturally bright plethora of color. 


2 thoughts on “Idea of the day!

  1. Don’t feel guilty. I’ll say it again DON’T FEEL GUILTY! Use those Care Bears and use ’em hard. If you need to work on your studies (and I was a full time grad student of three boys who were all in jr. high and elementary school at the time, so I of what I speak) use the Animal Planet stuff if you feel you must. If you need to study and he’s inconsolable, use the Care Bears. Also, use the Care Bears for a reward. You can tell him, “if you’re good, you may watch one Care Bears episode.” And follow though with it.

    Care Bears is your Kyptonite. Care Bears is your weapon of choice when all else fails. Don’t dismiss it because you feel he isn’t in the real world watching them. It will help now and he will grow out of it. And, did you ever think it may not be the Care Bears, per say, but the music? Disney has all sort of music videos so instead of Animal Planet etc. get “Fantasia” or something…it’s classical music and it’s soothing.

    Look at his NT peers…are they watching Care Bears or Dora or…….whatever is popular? Too often we expect Our Kids (ASD or Downs or….)to be better than their peers. Our Kids are still kids and while it’s probably a good idea to cut out some of the technology, if it will help you graduate so are able to give your son a better life, I say the end justifies the means.


    • Thank you for this. I just keep hearing “cut the technology, cut the technology” and it’s making me feel like a bad mother. It truly does help, to be honest, but it’s great to hear that you understand. Thank you, again.


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