This Week’s Early Intervention Visit

Two days ago was Oliver’s first home visit from his early intervention center’s Special Educator. She drove about an hour and a half out to us and spent another hour and a half with him. She got to know how Oliver and I interact and then offered suggestions. For example, she noticed that he gets distracted, overstimulated, and frustrated easily, so she wanted to see if he could be more calm in his tunnel toy that attaches to a tent. He went in there and laid down and we were able to play peekaboo with his full attention. She talked about how social games like peek-a-boo, tickle games, and singing songs with hand motions/simple dances can improve his social issues and his language development at the same time (getting him to better connect with me is a plus, too). We also spent time doing something that I had read about in Raun Kaufman’s Autism Breakthrough– we entered Oliver’s world through imitation. We set a timer for 3 minutes where we mirrored everything he did. We colored similar patterns, dropped crayons over and over, danced, hopped, flapped our hands, and stood up/sat down countless times. He picked up on this new “game” rather quickly and smiled with anticipation while he thought of something else he could have us copy. This really engaged him and his eye contact was strong when we were doing this. After the timer went off, we tried to invite him “into our world” by asking him to copy what we did. This didn’t work out for us because he finds change challenging, but she saw real promise in him. He lit up in a way that I had never seen before– I can not recommend entering your child’s world enough. Give it a try! If you’ve done this, comment how it went for you. 

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