Sharing the News on Facebook!

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This evening I will be sharing this photo and a lengthy message on my personal Facebook page. I wasn’t planning on sharing this news on there anytime soon (if at all), but I feel that more good can come from it than bad. By sharing Oliver’s diagnosis with my friends and family, more people will be able to understand the ‘why’s’ behind Oliver’s behaviors, delays, and needs. I also feel that by putting this out there, I will be able to help more parents. Maybe I have been unaware that one of my Facebook friends is questioning his/her child’s development or behaviors and is in need of support, advice, or resources. I think that this will be helpful!

If you’re clicking on this, as a personal friend or family member of mine, this will probably be one of the first posts that you are seeing. Feel free to browse the menu at the top, scroll down my past posts, or subscribe with your email address to get updates when I make new posts. Thank you for your support!

Followers, have you shared your child’s diagnosis on Facebook? Why or why not?


6 thoughts on “Sharing the News on Facebook!

  1. We have shared our diagnosis, as well as our journey from wondering, to evaluation, through therapies, and all ongoing. It is nothing to hide nor anything to shout from the rooftops. It just is. 🙂


  2. At this point, no, I don’t have to share the autism diagnosis because everyone knows he has autism since my son is 35 years old. I do not use my name or my sons’ or husband’s names here for privacy reasons as per my sons requests. Plus, my husband wrote the first children’s book about autism (yep, really and a new edition came out a few years ago) and I am not ashamed AT ALL. I have done more than my share of advocating and creating awareness. But I won’t mention the book’s name, again for my NT sons privacy. Through all this, they are the people who know no other life than a life with autism and I have to respect them as people and as grown men.

    There comes a time when autism is normal in your life and the people around you. Not all of your family and friends will be supportive (be prepared…that’s a bit of a shocker) but most will. Gather those supportive people around you and hold them close!


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this; I appreciate it. Also, I so wish that I could get my hands on that children’s book, but I respect your wanting to keep it private. Thanks for the kinds words, as always.


  3. I don’t have Facebook (I know, shocking lol). I Just started sharing with the world this past March when I started the blog. I have an Instagram account that I started regarding MJ as well.


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