Sensory Issues in Autism


Oliver, like many other people on the autism spectrum, deal with sensory issues. Oliver is hyperactive, chews on things, and enjoys running/crashing into furniture. He likes watching his beaded necklace move, the wheels on his cars spin, and the washing machine turn. He is somewhat clumsy and has no sense of danger when it comes to standing on chairs or watching for cars. He dislikes having his diaper changed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, or face washed. These are just a glimpse of Oliver’s sensory issues, but they are his biggest issues, as they don’t allow him to stay calm for very long periods of time. He gets overwhelmed and overstimulated extremely easily and, because this is the result over a sensory overload, I have to remind myself to stay patient with him. The crying and frustrations have their wear and tear on me, but I have to keep our main goal in mind: progress. An appropriate, encouraging, and unconditionally loving response is a must.


5 thoughts on “Sensory Issues in Autism

  1. It’s so good that you understand the sensory issues at such an early stage. These sensory issues you describe are almost identical to our son and it took us way too long to understand what was going on. It’s great you share this too. Our son has all this plus he can barely stand the feel of any clothing on him. Even the specialty seamless clothing. Allowing him to chew, crash into soft things, bounce, and use his energy has been very beneficial in pleasing his senses. Also, Occupation Therapy seems to have helped him, but thats a long slow gradual process of improvement.

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    • We are just getting started with therapies and have only been working with an SLP and a Special Educator so far, but will start ABA and OT not this upcoming week, but the next. I definitely plan to discuss Oliver’s sensory issues with her, and am so glad that you shared that, because I hadn’t thought to share that an OT can be a huge help to children with sensory issues. Thank you for your input and kind words! I appreciate it.


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