Power Outage

I wasn’t able to post yesterday, as we had a bad wind storm that resulted in over 7,000 power outages in our area– us included. Oliver did surprisingly well and seemed to be more content without the usual lights, music, and distractions that electricity and technology bring into our home. He enjoyed the natural light of the fireplace and candles. He, my mom, and I cuddled up in blankets, ate snacks, and danced to our own music. By the end of the night, we “cheated” when we had the idea of playing a Halloween DVD on our laptop until the battery ran out and Oliver sat still in my lap the entire time (that was a first). We went up to bed and he fell right asleep, sleeping through the night to the sound of wind and heavy rain, snuggled up to my side. I’m thankful for the cozy, calm night that we shared.


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