Incessant Screaming

Oliver is having a hard day and it has been really rough on me. He has found a whole new level of loud in his adopting of an ear-piercing shriek. We had a tele-therapy appointment with his early intervention special educator today and had a hard time working on anything because he couldn’t calm himself down. He was just throwing himself onto me, onto the couch, onto the floor, and screaming non-stop. He isn’t very interested in eating, drinking, or playing. I don’t think he’s teething and I don’t think he’s getting sick, so I’m not sure what the problem is. The incessant screaming is wearing on me today and I’m trying to stay grounded.

What are some ways that all of you stay calm and collected on tough days like these?


7 thoughts on “Incessant Screaming

  1. Well, I use essential oils… but when my son went through a phase like that, we started working with a naturopath that works with kids with Autism. She gave him a couple supplements and this kind of thing went away. I know different things work for different people. (It was DMG and Methyl B-12 that helped him)… (((hugs)))


    • C has the calming bottle and I also use essential oils. He loves RC and I find lavender calming for him. RC on chest and lavender on foot.
      C is also on soy milk. I find that cow’s milk aggravates him more as it causes block nose and wind in his tummy .
      Hope these information helps. Hugs.


  2. Whoops…..posted before I was finished….a slip of the finger!……anyway……a good way of handling outbursts like this is to *work backwards* to the reason for his behavior. Oliver had recently been diagnosed and you have brought a whole new team of people into his life…therapists etc……and a whole new schedule. Many children with autism have tremendous troubles with transitions and new things and his screaming probably has a direct connection to all the new in his life. Nothing you can do about the new……it’s *needed new* situations and people but

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  3. Not again…..anyway……what he needs is not more new but you to carry on…with his regular meals…..therapists etc. and if he throws himself around, you need to ignore it….hard I know but he is frustrated because his life is changing and MORE IS BEING EXPECTED OF HIM and this is his way of showing you.

    Transitions= HARD for those with autism and this my dear is the first and a HUGE transition for him. If YOU understand why he is behaving the way he is, it will be easier for you to ignore his screaming etc.

    Deep breaths… won’t last too long and once he gets into the new rhythm of his life, it will be better!

    P.S. NOW I’m sending!

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  4. In addition to transitions and new experiences – which can of course cause screaming and distress – make sure it isn’t a new sensory experience that is causing him stress. Builders working down the road (new noise), someone’s new perfume (new smell), new clothes (new tactile), and a variety of other things may cause a huge amount of distress to an autistic person. Try to keep a quick note of what precedes the screaming, it might help to work out what is setting it off.

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