A Special Visit From A Friend

Oliver has been making immense speech and sign language progress in the past few weeks, but has only demonstrated his newly learned skills here and there. One of my best friends recently relocated and, because of said move, Oliver and I hadn’t seen her in about a month. Oliver has a small handful of people that he feels that can be his true self around and this friend is high up on that list. She painted a pumpkin on my pregnant-with-Oliver belly, almost exactly two years ago, came to meet him the day that he was born, and has been around him more than most non-familial people. He absolutely adores her and she came to visit the other day, like I said, for the first time in a month and his behavior was shocking! He ran around, flapping his hands with excitement, and begun playing peekaboo with her. He then proceeded by showing off (this a first!) by demonstrating all of his new words and sign language skills. He said: hi, bye bye, again, all gone, uh oh, fish, jump (while jumping), and said “2” (while holding up 2 fingers, while we counted 1, 2, 3). He signed: more, milk, dog, juice, potty, diaper, cracker, cereal, bird, and fish. This may not sound like a big deal to most, but it really was an amazing sight (it brought her to tears). I’m seeing progress in Oliver every day, but sometimes have my concerns that his newly learned skills aren’t sticking. Seeing him recite everything he’s learned in the past month corrected my doubts and made all of my hard work feel worth it. I’m happy that Oliver has such a special connection with my life long friend.


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