Social Progress

I believe that Oliver’s greatest strength is his self pride. When he does anything that I have ever before clapped at or said “Yay!” to, he automatically begins clapping, saying “Yay!”, and shrieking “Wahooooo!”. For a while, I wasn’t sure if he understood what my praise meant, but as of late, he has been cheering himself on like there’s no tomorrow. Yesterday, after clapping for himself upon going down the slide in his CUBS class, he realized something. Oliver became aware that he could cheer on others, in addition to himself. Oliver’s CUBS class consists of 1 hour free pay, 20 minutes in the motor room, 20 minutes of snack, and 20 minutes of group circle time. Yesterday, for most all of his time in the motor room, Oliver decided to sit at the bottom of the slide and clap, while shouting “Wahoo!” for each child as they came down the slide. To go from never acknowledging the existence of another child to cheering them on is a major success in my book.


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