Oliver’s 2nd Halloween


This Halloween, Oliver and I dressed up as Care Bears (his favorite show). Our town was under a flood warning with high winds and heavy rain, which made trick or treating extra tricky. He wasn’t too happy in his Care Bear outfit and was particularly distressed by the head piece, as he is not a fan of hats. We rode in the car from house to house and got out with our candy bucket. When he is outside, he likes to run, so he was whiny as I held him and knocked on the door. Due to his food allergies (especially dairy), he wasn’t able to eat the candy that we collected, however I think that the experience of trick or treating is one that he should still be able to partake in. For future years, I’m considering ordering allergy-free candy and handing it out to the houses we’ll be visiting, prior to our outing. We made it to 4 houses before giving up because of his irritability with the situation, not to mention the crazy weather. I enjoyed dressing him up and taking him out, even though it felt a little pointless. I like the idea of practicing a tradition that we can partake in as a family, even if he can’t eat the candy. Also, the fact that the fun holiday encourages language (“trick or treat”) and socialization (being among other children) is quite a plus.

How did your Halloween go?


2 thoughts on “Oliver’s 2nd Halloween

  1. Have you heard of Teal Pumpkins? Homes with Teal Pumpkins in front of their entrances hand out stickers etc. and are aware of food allergies so you know they will be handing out allergy-free treats. Look it up next year…it’s sounds like a great idea! I am not sure if the movement is country-wide…I only heard about it last year.

    You could always stay home and have Oliver in his costume help hand out treats….he’s a little guy….even NT not quite two year olds get cranky and don’t want to wear their costumes on Halloween! If there is a children’s Halloween party in your community, it might be a better choice some year. Do what makes sense for Oliver and for you and that may be something different from what everyone else does.

    Hubby and I were just speaking of a Halloween (on a Sunday) when our boys were in grade school…it was v erycold and it was snow flurrying so I was NOT about to go trick-or-treating. I was out voted HOWEVER I countered by suggesting going out to a movie….and they could wear their costumes.We went to a matinee of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” There were plenty of other parents with the same idea. The theater staff was wonderful (we often go to that theater even now) and we bought the kids whatever kind of candy they wanted for the movie so it WAS GREAT! We left the bowl of our T-or-T candy on the front porch and it was only half empty. Many parents in our community probably did something similar to what we did that very snowy, raw Halloween.


    • I hadn’t heard of the teal pumpkin movement, but that is brilliant! I appreciate your post so much. I think that we may explore other Halloween ideas in the coming years. I loved reading your story, as well. Very cute.


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