The Gruffalo is Changing the Way Oliver Reads!

Oliver is really loving this short film on Netflix titled The Gruffalo. While watching, he signs fish and bird, sniffs when the fox sniffs and says “Jump!” and “Weeeee!” when the mouse jumps or is flying through the air. When it comes to movies, he isn’t usually interactive, so this one is very different. I found out that The Gruffalo is based on a children’s book and immediately ordered it from our local library. I went in and checkout out the book and he was beside himself while we read it. I tried to mock the animal’s voices from the movie as closely as possible and that left him  engaged and knowing that this book was just like his favorite movie. When typically reading books, Oliver is more interested in turning the pages and not comprehending anything on the pages, but he sat still, pointed, signed, and spoke at the same parts he does while watching the movie. I’m thinking that I will have to purchase this book and may even use it as a calming aid. I also feel that this may be the perfect transition into him enjoying books more thoroughly.


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