Today is Oliver’s 2nd Birthday!

2 whole years ago at 11:02 a.m, Oliver was born… WOW! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed and how much excitement, surprise, and love has filled every passing moment. Oliver has been blessed with a caring and compassionate community and, for that, I couldn’t be more grateful. He is a sweet, funny, musical, cuddly, dancing, clumsy, spirited, deep thinker of a little boy and I am so fortunate to watch him grow each and every day. He has come so far in such a short time– I can’t wait to see what this upcoming year will bring for us! Also, it should be noted that we went to the aquarium yesterday with zero meltdowns and endless amounts of fun. To end the day, we ate at a restaurant (for the first time in a year and a half) and he did amazing. He blew me away!

Wish my sweet boy a ‘Happy Birthday’ in the comments, if you so desire.


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