Back to CUBS!

After having over two weeks off from Oliver’s CUBS class and Special Educator visits, he was overjoyed to resume. Over the break, he endured and got over his first cold, visited the aquarium, had a gift-filled Christmas, played with friends, and even learned how to count (verbally, as well as using the correct fingers). We got lots of snow and experienced another power outage, but in the end, it was obvious that he missed his therapies. As we pulled up to his early intervention center on this first day back to class, I told him, “Oliver, we’re going into CUBS. We’re going to change your diaper, have a snack, and then you get to play!”. He smiled so big and didn’t even fuss during the diaper change. He became a little anxious in the last few minutes of waiting for the doors to open, but that came from a place of excited anticipation. Watching him in class made my heart swell; I love that we have found a source of knowledge and support that he is so comfortable with. I will probably have to go through a grieving process when he turns 3 and no longer qualifies for services.


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