An Oliver Update

While Oliver is still doing wonderful, I would say that he is overall kind of plateauing.
While this may not sound positive, to not be losing any learned skills is outstanding. Individuals with autism sometimes experience regressions where words, signs, eye contact, play habits, and other skills disappear. Oliver’s first signs of autism were a regression of most all of his newly acquired 15-month skills and he has since gained and lost words. For example, he hasn’t said, “mama”, “nana” (my mom), “Paco” (our dog), and dog for many, many months. He has lost and regained words, in addition to signs, clapping, waving “bye bye”, and dancing, so I see hope for his currently lost words. His other words, signs, and actions are still going strong, but there aren’t too many new ones.

What regressions have your children experienced? Have they gone through a “plateau” period?


One thought on “An Oliver Update

  1. Hmm I’m not sure about regression but with C, it’s sort of his attention has moved to something else. I find that sometimes either our kids can be too rigid on certain things and/or they lose interest in things easily. For example, C could voice out that he wanted to go to the toilet for big business for about a month, then he started to hold it in again or poo in his pants. So we are back to asking him daily and checking his boxers. Then, recently we told him that he could use the iPad when he is poo-ing and, he could voice out his need to poo again. Don’t worry too much girl. I think these are phrases even ‘normal’ kids go through.


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