Something that stopped quite a while ago was Oliver’s fixation on lining his toys up. It has, in the past two weeks, started reappearing here and there. He has been lining his toys up again every so often and screaming when they aren’t perfectly in line. If he is playing with his toy trains and they are blue train-red train-blue train-red train, he will scream. However, if the colors are matching (blue train-blue train-red train-red train) then all is well. It worries me to see this behavior show itself again.


2 thoughts on “Lines

  1. Heh girl, hope this message can assure you that it’s alright. C still likes to take the lift, line things up. But I teach him to only to do it at appropriate times. For example, he can line things up if he’s playing on his own for I don’t believe in taking away what he enjoys but when we are playing together or in school, I’ll let him know we have to accept other forms of arrangements. I’m not sure if this is the ‘right’ way but it’s my belief as a mum and teacher to him. When he was younger, I would draw six boxes on a piece of paper. Three for him. Three for me. He would arrange his trains then I would cross one box. Then I would arrange mine in another way and cross out the box. This is to show him turn taking and different ways to do the same thing. Hope it helps. Hugs.


  2. Ive experienced similar to this with my son over the past few years. I now call our journey down the road of autism, the ultimatw rollercoaster ride. tylers progress goes great ;; up up up! Then, out of nowhere , he falls down, and it’s like he forgot what progress he’s made. I’ve been told by behavioral counselors and psychiatrists that it is common, espeviallu since they’re getting older amd always changing.

    Don’t give up! With tyler, i now know that nothi.g is going to work for more than a few weeks and to start coming up with a new idea before this one runs its course.


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