Update on everything Oliver can sign

Eat – Drink – Cracker – Water – Cereal – Milk – Banana – Juice – Finished – Mom – Grandma – Diaper – Potty – More – Bird – Fish – Cat – Dog – Horse – Frog – Shoes – Socks – Hat – Coat – Car -Airplane – Boat – Ball – Bear – Wash Hands – Water – Sleep – Brush Teeth – Baby – Signing – Time – Want – Rain – Stars – Apple

My Absence Explained

As you may have noticed, my posting has been extremely rare over the past few months and will most likely continue to be a bit sparse in the coming months. I don’t think that I have mentioned my education much, if ever, on here, but I am in my third year of college. I am studying English with an emphasis on professional and creative writing and have spent every waking second of my minimal “free time” in online discussions, completing assignments, and writing lengthy papers. I will soon be posting an Oliver update, so in the meantime, just know that he is doing great.

Transferring with a heavy heart

Today is Oliver’s last day at the Bellevue location of his early intervention center. I quickly became comfortable and came to absolutely love and adore the other children, parents, and staff. Because they’re opening the same program that Oliver attends at their closer location in Bothell, we have to transfer. I will deeply miss the Special Educators, TA’s, his OT, and every other staff member that I have ever met in that building. That place is absolutely magical and, while I’m sure I will soon have these same feelings for our new place, I have a very heavy heart today.

Pretend Play

Today Oliver imitated pretend play! His therapist modeled having his animal figurines drink and eat from “troughs”, which were actually blocks. He imitated beautifully, which was a first for him. These seemingly minor achievements are major for his development.

Have any of your children experienced issues surrounding pretend play?