Oliver is an extremely picky eater due to sensory issues. The foods that he has the toughest time with are vegetables. There are a lot of supplements and smoothies to help make up for this. I don’t have enough time at the moment to go into all of the details, but HE JUST TOOK A BITE OF CARROT, CHEWED, AND SWALLOWED IT! Hooray!

Grocery Store Success

So, this might not seem like a big deal to most, but Oliver and I went in the grocery store today. I typically have to have my mom pick up our food for us because of the bright lights, loud noises, people everywhere, not being able to run free, etc. If we do go ourselves, he has had to be in a soft carrier on my back while going as fast as I can. Today I thought I’d give it a go since we needed a few things and he held my hand from the car until we got inside, allowed me to set him in the front of the cart, and stayed there fuss free for probably 20 minutes. He signed at everything he saw and pointed and smiled. It was awesome! He’s making so much improvement in every area of development.