Oliver Update: September 2018


Hi, everyone.

It’s been too long. We’ve been very, very busy, but wanted to check in. Oliver’s sensory issues that used to play a huge role in his day-to-day life have not been present in quite some time. His speech has continuously developed, at a rapid pace, since “nonverbal” ceased to apply to him, right before his third birthday. He is at an almost age-appropriate level, in terms of verbal communication. He still struggles with trying new foods, struggles to drink water on its own,  struggles to share/take turns with friends, and is extremely resistant to potty training. The meltdowns are still present.

Yesterday, Oliver started his third (and final) year of his half-ABA, half-integrated preschool program. Over the summer, he read books, gardened, went to a water park (and went down water slides–wow!), hiked, baked raspberry bars, and did loads of bike riding. He loves trains, cars, books, and the outdoors. He is incredibly social, which didn’t used to be the case.

His therapies and school settings have made an amazing difference in how he is able to cope and adapt with the world around him. I am so grateful to have picked up on those “red flags” at such an early age, so that he has had the opportunity to get the help he needs to thrive.

Whether or not a regression ever comes back into play, he has made loads of progress since beginning ABA, speech, and OT at 20-months old. He will be turning five in three months and has met goals that I never even expected for him in adulthood. He’s a happy, growing boy and I’m so proud of him.