Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Kids with Special Needs


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Oliver’s weighted blanket seems to be the only thing that will send him to sleep. I don’t know how naps existed prior to our purchasing of one. I love supporting small businesses (and paying less money is a plus, too), so we got ours from the Etsy shop Weighted Creations. This one to be exact:

Do your children use weighted blankets? How do they like them?

Weighted Blanket

Here is my son’s weighted blanket. It’s 38×40 and 3 pounds and ADORABLE! When I usually cover him with blankets, he immediately kicks them off and scoots away from them, but this was a completely different experience. I set him on the couch, laid the blanket over the top of his lap, and he just sat there. He didn’t scream, he didn’t kick it off– he just sat there! I’m so excited about this blanket and can’t wait to see how continues to do with it.


You can order one just like Oliver’s from WeightedCreations on Etsy:

This shop has many other blanket styles and sizes, as well as lap pads. I could have purchased a weighted blanket from Sensacalm, but it would have been well over $100, which is out of my price range. WeightedCreations on Etsy values affordable weighted blankets and lap pads, and for that, we should value her small business.