Autism Red Flags


I just came across this photo on the Facebook page Autism Storms and Rainbows ( and thought I would share. This is a great visual!

What were the first red flags that you noticed?


I Love Someone With Autism T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.19.56 PM

I decided to do a mini-tshirt fundraiser to promote my blog, but I mostly just want one of these shirts. I designed it and am selling Unisex short sleeve, Women’s Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, and Hoodies. They’re starting at $16.50 and all proceeds will go towards Oliver’s treatments and therapies. I love this design and can’t wait to get mine in the mail! 17 have to be sold in order for the shirts to be made.

Check them out here:


I have just launched a page on my website where I will be featuring your child’s story! This will help parents with concerns and the parents of newly diagnosed children. I believe that being aware of the early signs is key! Help me spread the word by sharing your story.

Please email me your stories in the following format:

Subject: My Story
Message (Please include the following in your story):
-Your name (can be a pseudonym or left anonymous)
-Your child’s name (can be a pseudonym or left anonymous)
-Where you’re from (optional- this is used to meet new, local people who are in the same boat)
-When your first concerns were and what they were
-What services or lifestyle changes, if any, that you have pursued since diagnosis

*If you have a blog or website of your own, please include that so I can put that in your story.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Kids with Special Needs


Read more:

Oliver’s weighted blanket seems to be the only thing that will send him to sleep. I don’t know how naps existed prior to our purchasing of one. I love supporting small businesses (and paying less money is a plus, too), so we got ours from the Etsy shop Weighted Creations. This one to be exact:

Do your children use weighted blankets? How do they like them?


I have updated the following pages:
‘Our Story’, ‘What is Autism?’, and ‘Resources’

Feel free to look them over and offer your thoughts and feedback!

I also just started a new page that is titled ‘Other Parents’ Stories’. Visit this page to read more. I’d love to feature your story on this page!