Diaper Sacks: The product that forever changed my life

Okay, so I’m usually all for natural household items, but these have seriously improved my quality of life. While eliminating dairy, gluten, and soy, I have noticed that Oliver’s bowel movements have gotten extremely smelly. No diaper pail or trash bag could mask these odors, but following my discovery of Sassy’s diaper sacks, my nose has gotten a break. I just put his soiled diapers in these, tie it up, and the smell is gone. I found these in the bathroom of Oliver’s early intervention center and immediately went onto the Amazon app on my cell phone and ordered a box. Truly genius invention.


You can order here: http://www.amazon.com/Sassy-Disposable-Diaper-Sacks-Count/dp/B0007V644S


Nap time Routine

Oliver, who is about 19.5 months old now, is down to one 2-3 hour nap per day and I have learned that he desperately needs consistency in this area. For nap time, I talk about how nap time is coming up in 5 or 10 minutes and that it will be time to go “up” (upstairs) and go “night night”. I follow his lead on what time this happens (rubbing his eyes, abnormally fussy, laying down, etc.), but it’s typically between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. when he hits that tired point in his day.

Here is what our nap time looks like:
– Tired cues
– Nap time “warnings” to aid in transitioning from play to sleep
– Go upstairs
– Change diaper and put lavender essential oil on his feet with socks
– Turn on calming music that plays for 6 hours and turn on night light
– Lay him down, then lay his weighted blanket on top of him
– Hand on belly, say “I love you” and “Sweet dreams, buddy”
– Quietly leave room and close the door

This may seem a bit extensive, but it’s what works for him. If any of these things happen in a different order or I forget to turn on the music/night light nap time doesn’t come to us as easily. I’m interested in hearing what your little one’s nap time looks like.

This morning

Today we are diffusing Balance and he has Frankincense and OnGuard on his feet. He’s having blueberries, bananas, gluten free toast with dairy free butter, and a green smoothie (spirulina, broccoli, spinich, barley grass, wheat grass, mango, apple, banana, and kiwi). Now he’s laying in his tunnel, enjoying the comfort of his own little world. 🙂

 P.s. feet kicking leads to blurry photos– sorry.